Who We Are is What We Do

In 2006, some caring and concerned Ripley, TN citizens formed what is today called The Ripley Downtown Development Corporation (RDDC). This 11-member, non-profit organization works to make Ripley, TN economically prosperous and improve the quality of life for current and future residents and business owners.

Ripley is one of six cities selected in Tennessee to receive Courthouse Square Revitalization project funding from the State. RDDC has worked with the state and has received other grants and means of funding, allowing plans and designs to revitalize the city. RDDC LogoConstruction started in September, 2008.

Much of the project's funding is coming from the state of Tennessee. The state is annually returning the state’s portion of sales tax generated by businesses in the downtown zone. Each new business in the zone increases available funding. Therefore, investing in Ripley is essential to revitalization. The zone includes the court square area and property around it and Washington Street, from court square to Kellar Street.

Revitalization plans include streetscapes and landscapes with open areas that are pedestrian friendly. There will be water fountains, sitting and gathering areas, and outdoor dining and entertainment.

A Farmer’s Market is on the horizon, in addition to an outdoor amphitheater and signature restaurants. Businesses are expanding their hours to accommodate around-the-clock entertainment and activity. There is so much happening in Ripley. Come see what’s growing on!

RDDC hired Executive Director Perry Williams, who is focusing his efforts on bringing new businesses and individuals to Ripley. He is working close with civic organizations and others and will be instrumental in planning events to create the Ripley experience! People will continue to want to visit, live, work and play in Ripley, TN!